Monthly Archive: March 2016

Anything you need, we can help!

Whatever you are buying your wood for, we can help and advise you on what is best! Whether you are building, decorating, making a door or renovating your kitchen or bathroom… we have the right wood for you.

We are the main supplier for who do excellent kitchen and bathroom refurbs along with lots of other building, carpentry and construction work within the Plymouth Area.

There are so many things that wood can be used for or replaced with, for example…


Instead of having a plain, steel door, fibreglass door, vinyl door, UPVC door or a aluminium door, why not go for a beautiful, solid wood timber door? Our solid wood doors are heavily constructed and we make them from whole parts of timber.

Not only are timber doors solid, they are also more secure and are more soundproof and helps with insulation.


Windows are what can make or break a house from the outside. With most modern houses now being built with fiberglass windows, vinyl windows and aluminium windows, they are becoming more and more the same!

Wooden framed windows are seeming as old fashioned nowadays but really… they are the best type of window frame you can have! They are more stylish and give the house a homelier appeal. Not only to wooden window frames keep your heating bills down due to them being a brilliant insulation substitute, they are also paintable so you can really be different and have your window frames whatever colour you desire!

Kitchen & Bathrooms

Kitchens and bathrooms are starting to all look the same in modern developments. Why not change that? When you are decorating your new home or renovating your current home, try something different to the new norm!

Solid wood flooring is one of the best floorings you could choose for your home as if it gets chipped, damaged, worn down or dented, it can always be sanded back and restored to its original state.

Laminate flooring is a very popular type of material and can be used anywhere in the home! It is a compressed plank of fibreboard and can be covered with different photographic images to suit the room it is being laid in.  

So come on down to Woodmill Farm and choose your perfect wood!